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Activities to develop the project, are in turn framed by secondary objectives thereof.

OBJECTIVE 1: Definition of efficiency targets. Design of the 2013 Energy Efficiency Agenda
Activity 1: Study of energy sources, consumption and processes of groups involved in the project.
Activity 2: Panel of experts to draft energy efficiency targets in the current terminadasectores act terminadaselected for the duration of the projet and the future trend.
Activity 3: Writing the Energy Efficiency Agenda 2013.

OBJECTIVE 2: Provide qualified personnel to companies and governments to achieve clean energy goals. Technical Course in energy efficiency.
Activity 4: Study of training needs in the light of current professional profiles and identified business demands.
Activity 5: Designing course content and teaching learning materials. Selection of teachers.
Activity 6: Delivery of the training. Evaluation of the training.

OBJECTIVE 3: Implementation of energy efficiency tools in the various activities selected as main support to achieve the objectives of Agenda EE 2013.
Activity 7: Selection of companies and activities participants to conduct energy audits and implementation of Energy Management Systems.
Activity 8: Making energy audits in selected organizations.
Activity 9: Implementation and certification of energy management systems in selected organizations.
Activity 10: Survey results and comparative analysis of selected activities and sectors.

OBJECTIVE 4: Creation of a public consultation to resolve technical problems, information access and dissemination of energy efficiency.
Activity 11: Design of content and programming architecture.
Activity 12: Creation of the graphic image associated with the information portal to create a recognizable image and advertising.
Activity 13: Development of the Site following the results of previous activities.
Activity 14: Creating the system hosting support and promotion of the resulting tool.

OBJECTIVE 5: Publicize and disseminate the project results.
Activity 15: seminar for SMEs on energy efficiency.
Activity 16: Development of audiovisual material to publicize the project.
Activity 17: Days of submission of project results.
Activity 18: Promotion of project activities.
Activity 19: Network of Cooperation for the efficient use of energy in the region Euroafricana.act terminada