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orientacionact terminadaBUILDING ORIENTATION

In the building, disorientation affects excessive heat loss or gain of the building. In cold areas it is recommended that the most used rooms are located on the south side of the building, where the winter sunlight, somewhat lower, contribute to the warming of the same. In areas of heat, should not leave a lot of glass area in the south or southwest, as the incident solar radiation is high and excessively overheated spaces.



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act terminadaTIPS ON WATER

> If you can, collect rain water.
(the water you use to fill the tank, etc.)
> If you notice too much flow in the taps, closes a little cock.
> Prevents leakage in taps.
(One drop per second is equivalent to 9000 liters per year)
> Waters where there is no sun: avoid evaporation losses.




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