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The project opens this window efficiency to present links of interest that address energy efficiency.


The project's main objective is to get the authorities of the countries concerned are able to meet the needs of the population of rural and urban areas thanks to the opportunities and renewable resources in their environment




The Canary Islands Institute of Technology Inc. (ITC) is a public corporation created by the Canarian Government Decree 139/1992 of July 30 and attached to the Department of Employment, Industry and Trade of the regional government. The plays are framed activities within the fields of Research, Development and Innovation in the service of companies in the Canaries.



The project EFIENER defines an integrated real-time information collected from monitoring equipment energy consumption placed in hotel units supported on a remote management software, designed to achieve efficiencies in the control of energy savings.


The RICAM Innovative Business Group, named after the pioneer project of the same made in 2003 was called "inter-network collaboration in the field of Environment" and the acronym was precisely RICAM is the business cluster Renewable Energy , Environment and Water Resources of the Canaries.


ISLE-PACT project is firmly committed to the development of local action plans for sustainable energy and pipeline of bankable projects in order to overcome the objective of sustainability of the EU set for 2020, and that is to reduce emissions CO2 at least 20%.


In order to help boost renewable energy in the three regions, the project aims at finding solutions to overcome the technical barriers that hinder their development.


ISLHáGUA Project's main objective to promote awareness regarding the use of drinking water, build capacity for quality control of water resources, encouraging treatment and reuse of treated water and desalinate water more efficiently so as to use of renewable energy, all within the transnational collaboration environment Canaries and Cape Verde.


CARMAC Project - Improving the quality of recreational waters and coastal Macaronesia, addresses the control and reduction of pollution of coastal waters of the area of European cooperation in Macaronesia. Focused on quality of bathing water and recreational use, will respond to the requirements demanded by the new European directive (2006/7 / EC).